100% Cotton Rug
120x160 cms 
Collection Osito con chupete
Osito con Chupete Celeste

Osito con Chupete Celeste

Osito con Chupete Rosa

Osito con Chupete Rosa

Aratextil, a specialist in the decoration of children's rooms, focuses on the design and creation of children's rugs. Their carpets adapt to all environments, from newborns to youngsters including classic colors (pink, light blue and beige) as more striking colors (pistachio, orange, gray, magenta, mole.

The Aratextil carpet collection, in addition to its innovative design, stands out for its practicality since its carpets can be washed in the conventional home washing machine, which is an indispensable requirement when choosing a product for children.

Aratextil carpets are a fun addition to beautify children's bedrooms.



100% Cotton Woven Rug
Machine washable in delicate cycle
Wash with cold water
Measure: 120x160 cms
Tested according to               (European Union regulations) by Bureau Veritas International
Weight approx: 2.9 kg