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Starting our operations in the year 2000, we have managed to consolidate ourselves in the market thanks to the exclusivity of our designs, the quality of our products as well as the sincerity of our prices. Our portfolio of clients supports this, and we are currently constantly increasing it.

Within the area of ​​home textiles, our catalog specializes in exclusive designs of babies and children's carpets, made in 100% organic cotton. These carpets are fully washable, retaining their structure and color by multiple washes.


We do not use recycled cotton since we can not guarantee the origin of its fibers.

Also, we offer in our catalog tufted carpets also made of 100% cotton, which despite not being washable in a washing machine, their manufacture makes them more regal and kept in optimum conditions.

How did the idea of ​​washable children's rugs come in?

Looking for new ideas for home decoration, we find it difficult to decorate the children's rooms when children are small because carpets become dirty very quickly forcing us to take them to the laundry continuously. So e asked ourselves, why not do some washing in wash ?. Thus, came the idea of ​​100% washable cotton rug.

Many of our customers recognize our first models as it was both innovative and difficult to enter the market until several signatures bet on our idea

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